Do you need human tissue samples, human organs or human blood samples for your research?

We can help!

We have thousands of annotated human tissue and blood samples in biobanks and the ability to arrange custom collections for a wide range of human specimens. Many of the largest and most successful companies in the world, as well as leading academic centres, trust us to provide relevant, high quality human biospecimens, whether organs, tissue biosamples or blood samples needed for research, development and training. We look forward to providing the human tissue samples and human blood samples that are critical to your research success from our partner hospital biorepository, post mortem donor centers, non-transplantable organ/tissue network partners and prospective collection sites. 


Human Biological Sample Types 

Organs, human tissues (all types), anatomical parts.

Biofluids: whole blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat (other biofluids may also be available - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of your requirements).



  • Healthy / control tissue samples and normal blood samples - via clinical biorepositories & post mortem biospecimens
  • Cancer (especially solid tumors) tissue blocks - via surgical tissue repository & post mortem biobank
  • Infectious disease blood samples - in conjunction with clinical tissue repository & specialist blood collection biobanks
  • Inflammatory tissue samples, joints and other organs such as intestinal samples or whole intestines, pancreas, lung - via clinical tissue bank & post mortem centre
  • Degenerative, Cardiovascular, Metabolic & other diseases tissue samples via post mortem collection centre and hospital tissue banks




Collection sites

Tissue for Research sources human tissue samples and blood samples, whether clinical samples or post mortem organs or anatomical parts, from experienced US tissue banks and post mortem donation centres or biorepositories, but we also have access to expert collection sites world-wide for infectious disease blood sample collection, for example, as well as good access to normal/healthy volunteers' blood samples.

Post mortem tissue, anatomical part and organ procurement service:

Tissue and organ sample formats:

Fresh samples: prospective human tissue collection of tissue samples and blood samples in the buffer or medium of your choice, shipped on ice or at ambient temperature;
Snap-frozen or frozen tissue samples (aliquots, tissue blocks or whole organs) and 10% NBF -fixed tissues can be collected for your tissue research and shipped immediately or stored for batch shipping. Some biospecimens may already be available ready to ship.
Fresh whole blood samples can also be collected in the tubes of your choice. Other biospecimens, such as CSF, urine specimens, gastric fluids and fecal samples can also be collected according to your specifications. 


Some human tissue samples/organs may be stored in a post mortem tissue biobank, frozen or in 10% NBF, including cardiac samples (hearts, cardiac arteries, conditions including fibrosis, hypertrophy, cardio-myopathy, sclerosis, calcification) and certain joint specimens. Most human biospecimens will be collected prospectively for you to ensure they meet your specifications. 


Clinical biorepository tissue procurement service:

Tissue and blood sample formats:

Frozen tissue samples, FFPE blocks, serum, plasma and buffy coat, as well as biofluids such as CSF

kidney stone example over 1cm Tissue For Research

FFPE: banked patient samples stored in biobanks or procured prospectively.

Fresh tissue samples may be available from a wide range of tissues and conditions - please inquire.

Urine samples from patients with STDs, infectious diseases, may also be available.

Other specimen types, such as kidney stones and bladder stones, can also be collected prospectively.

Disease types:

The tissue banks we work with are particularly strong in solid tumors, but also inflammatory disease samples such as IBD and Crohn's, while other tissues, such as heart disease samples, are also available.  


Human tissues for research are most useful if available with in-depth medical information and these are highly annotated clinical biobank samples with extensive clinical, pathology and other deidentified patient report data available, including clinical histories and follow up data.  



Blood collection specialists:

Fresh blood samples or banked samples of frozen blood (serum or plasma) already stored in biorepositories or collected prospectively in the tubes of your choice to ensure the blood specimens are compatible with your experimental requirements.  

Viral titres and other measurementsare  available using accredited in-house facilities.

Tissue for Research works with specialists in normal and infectious disease blood specimens collection, from the USA and world-wide, including Africa, Asia and South America.




  • Ready banked samples sourced from our clinical tissue biorepository partners with extensive inventories and detailed data available for thousands of samples. 
  • Prospective human tissue procurement service: customized human biosamples collections designed to meet your protocol requirements at our human blood banks and human tissue banks.
  • Most post mortem tissue and organ or anatomical part requests are collected prospectively.

Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you have defined your human tissue needs so as to ensure that there is adequate time to identify suitable tissue biorepository samples or to initiate a prospective biocollection, as well as to complete any paperwork required by the tissue bank or your legal department, before you need to receive the human tissue samples


Tissue for Research can ship fresh, frozen and FFPE clinical tissue biorepository samples nationally across the US, and Canada.

Frozen and FFPE clinical tissue samples and blood samples may also be shipped internationally.

Post mortem tissue samples and organs or anatomical parts can currently only be shipped nationally, within the USA.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about purchasing high quality, annotated human tissue samples and clinically defined blood samples from Tissue For Research for your biomedical & diagnostics research, development and validation or internal biobank. 


Sample types

Tissue For Research covers every type of system, either clinically or post mortem, including circulatory (heart, blood vessels), organs (skin, kidney, liver, lung, bladder, endometrium/womb, ovary, prostate, pancreas, brain, thyroid, pancreas, gut - intestinal samples etc), musculoskeletal & neural - spinal cord, spine and other bones, whole joints - please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of your specific needs.



Please note: We supply human tissues for in vitro research only. We are unable to provide human biological samples or organs for transplant, clinical or in vivo/ animal use. We are unable to accept donors directly. If you are a patient considering donating tissues or organs for research, thank you very much for considering this option; please contact your physician / hospital / hospice directly who will be best placed to advise on local donation options.